AlgOss Biotechnologies GmbH small and highly qualified team realizes its know-how and expert competence to the company. All team members are reliably working for the company for years aware of their responsibility in manufacturing of medical devices.

Dr. Markus Laub
Dr. Markus Laub, CEO of AlgOss Biotechnologies
Dr. Laub has more than 15 years of experience in the field of regenerative medicine especially with dental and orthopedic biomaterials and implants. He has an extensive knowledge in transferring laboratory research to industrial applications. Dr. Laub also serves as co-founder and CEO of Morphoplant, a company specialized on the biocoating of biomaterials with growth factors (bone/ vascular).

DI Dr. Else Spassova-Tzekova
DI Dr. Else Spassova-Tzekova, head of the laboratory
As well as pursuit of research and production of bone forming materials. She is a chemical engineer with long-standing experience in the development and manufacturing of calcium phosphate biomaterials.

Mag. Dr. Susanne Gintenreiter
Mag. Dr. Susanne Gintenreiter,Quality manager of the company
She is a biologist, specialized in quality management and in the field of bioceramics.

Anelia Slatar
Anelia Slatar, laboratory assistant for bioceramic production